Alice Pollitt is one of only five Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters (QSFs) in New Zealand. After completing a full three year apprenticeship and visiting the UK regularly for extended training and exams, she became fully qualified in 2015. Throughout the years Alice has fitted for top riders in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and around Great Britain. She has been lucky enough to spend time and work alongside some of the most highly regarded saddle fitters, designers and saddlers internationally.

Alice's aim is not only to provide a top class saddle fitting service but also to educate and help riders navigate and understand the complexities of saddles, saddle design and saddle fitting. Our goal is to help our riders to have the most comfortable, happy horses so they can spend as much time in the saddle as they desire!

Alice's Story:

"I've been fascinated by saddles for as long as I can remember. My grandmother owned a big tack shop & country clothing store in the UK, I remember visiting her and spending hours playing in the store and sitting on all of the saddles. She took me on my first saddle fitting at six or seven years old in the north of England and I loved it... The horse was a very fidgety chestnut Arab mare, I don't remember the saddle we fitted to the horse but it was brown and I thought that my grandmother had the best job ever. We went to Badminton Horse Trials and Horse of the Year for many years until we emigrated to New Zealand when I was thirteen years old.

Fast forward five years to when I finished secondary school: I still wanted to work with horses and saddles so I became an apprentice saddler and saddle fitter here in New Zealand. The only place you can become a fully qualified saddle fitter is in the UK through the Society of Master Saddlers so after several trips to the UK for training and exams, I became qualified in 2015. During my trips to the UK I was privileged enough to work alongside some of the worlds most skilled craftsmen, amazing saddle designers and hugely intelligent, knowledgeable saddle fitters. 

Saddle fitting has taken me all over our beautiful country and also around the world! Some of my highlights include saddle fitting in Ten'ei & Hokkaido in Japan, Glasgow & Edinburgh in Scotland and all around England. With some very exciting international work trips to America, Canada and Australia in the pipeline I can't wait for the next chapter!"