Getting in touch & booking a session

Precision Saddle Fit is a full time saddle fitting business owned and operated by a small team comprised of Alice who is a SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter & Saddle Designer and Morgan who is a SMS Apprentice Saddle Fitter. When contacting PSF you can expect a reply from either of us. Morgan responds to the majority of the general enquiries and bookings with Alice working more closely with the specialist enquiries. We always aim to get back to you in a timely manner but unfortunately instant replies are not always possible as we are juggling a huge workload on top of just answering messages.

Enquiring about a booking:

When enquiring, please send over ALL of the required information plus any other details you feel are relevant along with any questions you may have in one message, by one means of contact. This way we can get on to securing your fitting as efficiently as possible. We are very busy and always have multiple people wanting to book as part of the same trip or clinic.

Bookings are strictly first confirmed, first served. Until your session time is confirmed via confirmation email the session time or date discussed is still available for booking by other clients online.

How long does it take to get a fitting?

We travel each week around our designated areas but trips always fill up fast. We usually work on a lead time of approx 4-6 weeks. If we have cancellations we may be able to pull your appointment forward. If you would like to be put on the cancellation replacement list please specify this with your booking and we will contact you as soon as possible if we are able to reschedule your appointment to a sooner date.

Methods of contact:

Please only use ONE method of contact when getting in touch with us. With so many means of contact available it is confusing and frustrating to receive an email, facebook message, Instagram DM, voicemail, website enquiry and text message all within several minutes. This is actually just going to prolong our response time as it takes a wee while to read your 47 messages, see photos, work out who's who as many clients go by different names on different medias and cross reference it all - let alone trying to refer back to messages down the track! Our most popular methods of contact are via Facebook Messenger, email & website enquiries. We aim to get back to you ASAP but please give us a few days to reply, especially if we are away on a trip. If you haven't heard back after 4 days, please send your message again as it may have gotten lost or not have been received.

We do not take phone calls as we are not in a position to do so effectively... working such long hours and juggling saddle fitting sessions, reports, travel, saddle orders, workshop adjustments, a huge amount of admin already along with working evenings and weekends to suit clients. We do also need some time to sleep! We choose to use written media as it keeps a log of all correspondence and can be referred back to by either of us. This allows us to give the most helpful, thorough advice. When you see hundreds of horses and riders it is impossible to remember the finer details of them all off the top of your head at the drop of a hat. Written media gives us the chance to refer back to notes, photos and reports to enable us to form a proper, detailed response which can often be very lengthy!!

If you are interested in seeing our calendar to establish when we are next in your area, visit: